DPTI Rail Commissioner Safety Induction (82713)

Competency requirements

  • DPTI Rail Safety Induction provides information about the specifics to working in the Adelaide Metropolitan Passenger Rail Network (AMPRN). The module has a high focus on the electrical aspect of working in the AMPRN as well as the various roles and responsibilities including DPTI's drug and alcohol policy.
  • The induction is completed by online learning and can be accessed either through the RIW system or on DPTI's network access internet page. If completed through the RIW system, once completed this will appear as being valid on your RIW card. If accessed from DPTI's internet page the completion certificate will need to be uploaded and verified as evidence.
  • The induction forms part of the minimum requirement for obtaining a Rail Industry Worker Card, and is mandatory from 1/08/2018.
  • When enrolling in this module the name must be the persons legal name and match what is registered for the RIW participant (shortened version of name is accepted EG Chris for Christopher)
  • Black and white or coloured copies accepted for uploaded documents

Upload requirements

  • Issue date = date of completion. 
  • Expiry date = 3 years from issue date.
Accepted evidence

Not accepted evidence
  • No example provided.

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