Certificate of Currency.MTM - Track Vehicle Operator - 1 AND Course.Metro Track Vehicle Operator - 1 Course (41356 or 34252 or 35478 or 63095 or 46517)

Competency requirements

AND Operator Plant.Qualified.000803 Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) TVO - Class AND Safety.Qualified.MTM - Track Vehicle Operator - Victoria Business Rule - MTM - Track Vehicle Operator 1, Version 07 - 14/02/2017          

Please upload a Statement of Attainment/Attendance or Certificate of Achievement/ Completion issued by one of MTM's authorised Registered Training Organisation (RTO) providers:

  • Metro Academy
  • John Holland Group OR Accell (showing john Holland logo on document)
  • Australian Testing Service (As of 26/07/2021)
  • CERT (For certificates issued between 01/10/2018 and 26/07/2021)
  • Training Ahead Australia (For certificates issued between 04/01/2019 and 26/07/2021)

Document will show completion of: Metro Track Vehicle Operator OR VICMETTVO1 Metro Track Vehicle Operator 1

  • Note: it is okay for a statement of attendance to be accepted in the Metro Track Vehicle Operator competency requirement as the individual unit requirements are now captured by the new national Road rail / Rail bound role.
  • Renewal certificates issued by Metro Academy that are issued on or after 02.05.2018 must be shown on the new certificate template. 

Upload requirements

  • NOTE: At present, uploads for this competency are subject to a second review to be complete by MTM
  • Award Date = Date of completion
  • Expiry date = 2 years from date of completion
Accepted evidence
Not accepted evidence
  • No example provided.

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