Certificate of Currency.MTM - Track Vehicle Operator - 1 AND Course.Metro Track Vehicle Operator - 1 Course (41356 or 34252 or 35478 or 63095 or 46517)

Competency requirements

Competency requirements

AND Operator Plant.Qualified.000803 Metro Trains Melbourne (MTM) TVO - Class AND Safety.Qualified.MTM - Track Vehicle Operator - Victoria Business Rule - MTM - Track Vehicle Operator 1, Version 07 - 14/02/2017          

Please upload a Statement of Attainment/Attendance or Certificate of Achievement/ Completion issued by one of MTM's authorised Registered Training Organisation (RTO) providers:

  • Metro Academy
  • John Holland Group
  • CERT (For certificates issued after 01.10.2018)
  • Training Ahead Australia

Document will show completion of: Metro Track Vehicle Operator ORVICMETTVO1 Metro Track Vehicle Operator 1

  • Note: it is okay for a statement of attendance to be accepted in the Metro Track Vehicle Operator competency requirement as the individual unit requirements are now captured by the new national Road rail / Rail bound role.
  • Note: As of 1 Sep 2016, training provider CERT will be removed from the approved providers list. Training completed at CERT before the 1 Sep 2016 will still be accepted. Training certificates issued by CERT after 1 Sep 2016 will require MTM approval, these will only be accepted if the contractor enrolled & commenced training prior to 1 Sep 2016**
  • **RIW Internal personnel can reference the CERT enrolment data at the end of this business rule.
  • Renewal certificates issued by Metro Academy that are issued on or after 02.05.2018 must be shown on new certificate template (Available for viewing by clicking on green example document icon)              
Upload requirements

Upload requirements

  • NOTE: At present, uploads for this competency are subject to a second review to be complete by MTM
  • Issue date = Date of completion
  • Expiry date = 2 years from date of completion
Accepted examplesAccepted evidence
Not accepted examplesNot accepted evidence
  • No example provided.

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