ARTC.Medical.Assessment - Category 1 - Fit Subject to Review (No Appointment)

Competency requirements

Person Verification

  • Name on Medical Must match Cardholder name in RIW(Shortened version of name is accepted EG. Chris for Christopher)
  • Date of Birth (DOB) for applicant must be shown on the medical (any page)

Verification of Results

  • Fit for duty page must be present.
  • The type of medical must be written on the form, i.e. periodic, pre-placement or triggered.
  • In the review box, the doctor will have ticked more than just Review at this practice, and will have either one, all or a combination of Specialist referral, Local Doctor Referral and Laboratory tests boxes ticked. Additional boxes may also be ticked, but does not affect whether its an appointment required or not. (see example 4)
  • The doctor will provide the date that the certificate is valid until, which is outside the standard (usually 1-3 months), but will specify the date that the certificate is valid until. This means the individual doesn't need to attend another full medical on the date specified, rather they just need to provide additional information to the doctor to ascertain fitness for duty.

Verification Details

  • Assessment date (Or appointment date) must be recorded on the fitness for duty page
  • Medical has been completed by (or co-signed by) an ARA - AHP (Authorised Health Professional)
  • AHP's details should be shown (First and Last name OR First name initial with Last name and signature should be present)
  • Category 1 (or Blue Category) to be displayed
  • Black and white or colour is accepted

Upload requirements

  • The issue date in RIW should be recorded as the date the assessment or appointment took place.
  • The expiration date for this competency should always be calculated to occur as indicated on the recommended review date section
  • NOTE: If you receive a medical document where more than one assessment date / date of completion is shown: Please use the assessment date from the fitness for duty page
Accepted evidence
Not accepted evidence
  • No example provided.

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