Course.ARTC - ETW-01-05 Rail Stress Workshop (75950)

Competency requirements

  • Certificate of Attendance required
  • Certificate of Attendance needs to be worded:
  • ETW-01-05 ARTC Rail Stressing Certificate of Attendance
  • Certificates of Attendance only to be accepted from the following Registered Training Organisations
    • Centre for Excellence in Rail Training (CERT)
    • Accell Pty Ltd
    • The Instruction Company
    • Go Train
    • John Holland
    • Southern Cross Rail Training
    • Training Ahead Australia (Aakira)
  • This course will provide practical demonstrations, and opportunities for the student to practice the ARTC Rail Stressing process, however the course alone will not provide them with a Statement of Attainment

Upload requirements

  • Ensure the Registered Training Organisation is checked.
  • Issue Date = Date of completion
Accepted evidence
Not accepted evidence
  • No example provided.

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