ARTC.Certificate of Currency.ARTC - Heat & cut materials using Oxy - LPG equipment for the rail (80274 OR 44444)

Competency requirements

  • Evidence for this competency can be either a certificate of achievement issued by an ARTC authorised registered training organisation (RTO) or a Statement of Attainment, showing the unit TLIW3035, issued for the first time by another RTO.
  • Name on document to match the registered person in RIW, shortened names are permitted e.g.: Chris for Christopher
  • The document must be less than 2 years old to ensure it is valid for this competency
  • We will also accept certificates issued by  John Holland which state Rail Welder - Aluminothermic.  Heat & cut materials using Oxy - LPG equipment for the rail industry
  • Assessment criteria is aligned to: ARTC -Rail Welder - Aluminothermic currency

Upload requirements

  • An issue date = Completion date
  • An issue date and 2 year expiry date is to be entered for this qualification.
  • A Statement of Attainment following unit of competency:TLIW3035 Heat and cut materials using oxy-LPG equipment for the rail industry can be used as evidence as long as it is less than 2 years and loaded to National Competency in RIW also, otherwise recertification is required.

Accepted evidence
Not accepted evidence
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