Work Log.QR - 6-12 Month monitoring - 1st time qualified only - PO2 TWA Trainer (92018)

Competency requirements

  • The PO2 TWA Trainer qualification specifically covers Queensland Rail's training delivery requirements.
  • The Monitoring Checklist is a Queensland Rail internal document used to monitor continuous competency of people with this role.
  • The Monitoring Checklist will indicate what stage of development you have attained
  • The stages include - Initial utilisation (set with 3 month expiry) used to initiate the first 3 month stage - 3 month stage (set with 3 month expiry) - 6 month stage (set with 6 month expiry) - 12 month stage (set with 12 month expiry) this stage is set for the ongoing monitoring post the first 12 month stage
  • Worker must hold 0-3 month utilisation competency and 3-6 month monitoring competencies for this competency to be accepted
  • For the Monitoring Checklist to be accepted, it will need to meet the following:
    • Protection Officer Name
    • Card No. and Valid until date shown for the qualification PO2 Track Work Authority
    • Please note that in Section 2 not all boxes need to be ticked
    • Identify monitoring outcome for PO2 Track Work Authority and set expiry date
    • Confirm supervisor name has signed, dated and ticked yes
    • Confirm Protection Officer confirmation has been signed, dated and ticked yes
  • NOTE: if the completion of any monitoring event falls outside of the expiry date of the previous event, the evidence is to be rejected and person advised to seek advice from
  • Note: Alternative Pathway If the PO Trainer holds the equivalent PO Role and has passed the 1st time qualified competencies, this PO Trainer may progress immediately to Annual Monitoring. A valid Annual Monitoring Checklist may be used as evidence, the expiry date to be set in line with the expiry on the checklist. This may be for a period of less than 12 months, this will bring the PO Trainer Role competency in line with the PO Role competency.

Upload requirements

  • Issue Date = Date of Completion on Certificate of Achievement
  • Expiry Date = Set to 12 months from the Date of Completion on Certificate of Achievement
Accepted evidence
Not accepted evidence
  • No example provided.

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