Record of Relevant Experience.SRLA - Architectural - Checker (85272)

Competency Requirements

  • The applicants name must be displayed on the uploaded evidence
  • Assessment paperwork will display matching role title
  • The relevant role title is specified by the competency name

  • Evidence must be signed by the SRLA assessor and SME.

  • Evidence must be clear and legible.

  • An SRLA Assessed Record of Relevant Experience (RORE) should be uploaded with all required signatures from an approved SRLA Assessor/SME.

Christel Ponce - RIW Administrator will sign off once received from SME.

NOTE: The uploaded document for this competency is expected to have already been verified by an approved SRLA assessor and SME. SRLA representative will then assess the paperwork supplied and supply endorsement confirmation OR rejection reasoning back to the Applicant as required.

The Record of Relevant Experience is required to provide further evidence of your Engineering skills and experience relevant to the role you have selected.

Upload Requirements

  • Issue date to be recorded in RIW.
  • Expiry Date: 4 years from the application date or as stated on RORE.
Accepted Evidence
Not Accepted Evidence
  • No example provided.
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