Qualified.MTM - Train Track Safety Awareness (27109)

Competency requirements
  • Applicants name to be displayed on the document
  • Applicant name on document must match the cardholders registered name (However shortened versions such as 'Chris' for 'Christopher' will be accepted
  • A certificate issued by one of MTM's authorised Registered Training Organisation (RTO) providers is required:
    • Metro Academy
    • Centre for Excellence in Rail Training (CERT) (Only for certificates issued before 26/07/2021)
    • John Holland Group (Or Accell showing JH Logo)
    • Skilled Rail Services (Only for certificates issued before 01/10/2018)
    • Training Ahead Australia (From the 09/08/2021)
    • Australian Training Services (From the 23/08/2021)
    • Please note: Centre for Excellence in Rail Training (CERT) certificates are no longer accepted under this competency as of 26/07/2021. Only certificates with a completion date before 26/07/2021 are to be accepted.
    • Please note: From the 05/07/2020 certificates issued by The Instruction Company are no longer accepted for this competency.

  • NOTE: Certificate of Achievement showing Track Safety Awareness MTM Level 1 is not acceptable by itself as evidence for this competency. If this document is going to be used It would still need to be accompanied by the required Statement of Attainment document in the uploaded file.
    NOTE: MTM Train Track Safety Awareness is the same as: Track Safety Awareness MTM Level 1, Victorian Train Track Safety Awareness
  • NOTE: If a Statement of Attainment showing completion of "TLIF2080 Safely Access the Rail Corridor" or "TLIF0020 Safely Access the Rail Corridor", issued by Metro Academy (after 03/10/2019) is uploaded, then a certificate showing Metro Safety & Environmental Induction or Train Track Safety Awareness is not required.
  • For certificates issued after the 17/10/19 by CERT:
  • Certificate of Achievement indicating completion of VICL10TTSA Victorian Level 1 Train Track Safety Awareness and VICMETSAEI Metro Safety & Environmental Induction must be present with the Statement of Attainment TLIF2080 Safely Access the Rail Corridor.

Upload requirements

  • Issue date = date of completion
  • Expiry date = none (even if an expiry date is shown on document this should not be recorded against this competency)
  • NOTE: MTM Train Track Safety Awareness is the same as Track Safety Awareness MTM Level 1 and the same as 'Victorian Level 1 Train Track Safety Awareness'
Accepted evidence
Not accepted evidence
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