Reference.TfNSW - Accredited Tree Trimmer (87090)

Competency requirements

  • Applicants name is to be displayed on the document
  • Applicants name on document is required to match the applicant's registered cardholder name (However shortened versions such as 'Chris' for 'Christopher' would be acceptable first name differences)
  • A Certificate of Competency is to be uploaded to this competency.
  • TfNSW accepts the following evidence for the role of Accredited Tree Trimmer:
  • Transport Sydney Trains issued Statement of Certification which is to identify the role: Accredited Tree Trimmer, which must have at least 1 signature on the certificate.

Upload requirements

  • Please upload a copy of your Statement of Certification issued by Sydney Trains
  • Set the expiry date no later than the Expiry of Certification date on the Statement of Certification document (maximum of 12 months but no longer than)
Accepted evidence
Not accepted evidence
  • No example provided.

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