Induction.Temporary - V/Line Contractor Induction (91099)

Competency requirements

  • Applicants name must be displayed on the uploaded evidence.
  • A temporary V/Line Induction Card, can be accepted.
  • 4 week expiry required to be recorded in this instance.
  • Black & white OR colour copy is accepted for this upload.
  • Must be issued by V/Line and display the corresponding logo.
  • There is no expiry date required unless a provisional induction card or Third Party Contractor Induction - Statement of Compliance certificate is uploaded.
  • To register for the V/Line Contractor Induction, please visit the V/Line website at

Upload requirements

  • Completion date to be entered as the issue date within RIW.
  • If document is a temporary issue card that indicates it is 'Valid for one month', please ensure the month listed aligns to the month when the upload occurred, then set the expiration date as 1 month from the upload date.
  • If document is a provisional proof of contractor induction: 4 week expiration is to be recorded.
  • Special Condition: Any Temporary / Provisional induction issued to C.P.B (only) the expiration period shall be 6 months from the issue date.
  • Special Condition only until June 30th 2020 after June 30th 2020 all Provisional Inductions will fall back to normal Business Rule.
Accepted examples

Not accepted evidence
  • No example provided.

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