VOC.Novo Regulator (Harsco) Operator (42170)

Competency requirements

  • Name on the Assessment Paperwork or licence to match the cardholders registered name in RIW.
  • Type of equipment or code must be listed on evidence provided.
  • Evidence must state "Verification of competency or VOC"
  • If Assessment is uploaded then it must indicate the applicant is competent. Assessment must be signed by trainer
  • Black and white or coloured copy of the document would be acceptable in this upload.
  • When card / licence is uploaded, both sides are requires to be shown within uploaded file.

Upload requirements

  • Issue date to be recorded in RIW as the date of course completion.
  • Expiration date to be recorded in RIW as the date which is calculated to be 2 years from the issue date.
  • Licence or assessment paperwork accepted.
Accepted evidence

Not accepted evidence
  • No example provided.
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