Qualified.Plumbing Trade (68188)

Competency requirements

  • Evidence for this competency can be a qualification issued by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) or governing body.
  • The qualification must be a Certificate III.The qualification must show reference to Plumbing.
  • For overseas/international mechanical trade qualifications to be accepted in the RIW Program, the qualification needs to be assessed by Trades Recognition Australia. A copy of the letter from Trades Recognition Australia must be uploaded with the qualification, and the assessment must have the wording: 
    • “This letter confirms that Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) has assessed your application as SUCCESSFUL for the occupation of RELEVANT TRADE under the TRA Migration Skills Assessment Program.”

Upload requirements

  • Please upload your qualification
  • Statements of Attainment do not require an expiry date
  • Licences and cards require an expiry date, which is shown on the licence of card.
Accepted evidence

Not accepted evidence
  • No example provided.
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