Certificate III.MEM30305 - Engineering Fabrication (24972)

Competency requirements 

When certificate is uploaded:

  • Australian** Recognised Training Institution name must be displayed on document
  • Applicant name on certificate to match the name in the system
  • Completion date or issue date must be displayed on the certificate
  • Course title to be listed on certificate to match the nominated coding and title within RIW
  • Document / Certificate / Number to be shown
  • No expiry

When trade licence is uploaded:

  • Contractor License and Supervisor License can be accepted as evidence of Certificate III providing it has the person’s name, date and license number from relevant Australian State Government Authority.

  • For overseas/international mechanical trade qualifications to be accepted in the RIW Program, the qualification needs to be assessed by Trades Recognition Australia. A copy of the letter from Trades Recognition Australia must be uploaded with the qualification, and the assessment must have the wording: 
    • “This letter confirms that Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) has assessed your application as SUCCESSFUL for the occupation of RELEVANT TRADE under the TRA Migration Skills Assessment Program.”

Upload requirements 

When certificate is uploaded:

  • Record the Issue date within RIW:
  • Completion date - if listed on certificate (this completion date is always used when displayed)
  • Issue date - If only an issue date is listed please enter this as the issue date

When trade licence is uploaded:

  • Expiry date to be recorded within RIW
Accepted evidence

Not accepted evidence
  • No example provided.

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