High Risk Licence.Boom-type elevating work platform (WP) (23579)

Competency requirements

  • Name on Licence to match the person registered
  • If licence has not yet been received by applicant, a temporary document titled 'Notice of Assessment' can be accepted for a period of 60 days from the completion data letter from the issuing organisation may also be accepted as a temporary document for one month from the issue date on the letter
  • Either Class / Codes WP to be listed and matched to competency selection accordingly
  • Black and white or colour acceptable
  • Must be issued on Work safe or relevant Government Authority High Risk Licence
  • Only the front of this licence is required to be displayed in the file upload
  • Digital version of High Risk licence is accepted however it must be validated against: 
  • If a digital licence is presented it must be a screen shot of the digital licence and not email confirmation of the licence (see example). All other features of the High Risk licence must also be present as stated above.
  • Please note: High risk licence renewal receipts can be accepted for a period of 4 weeks from the receipt date.

Upload requirements

  • Issue and Expiry date to be recorded within RIW as reflected on high risk licence.
  • NOTE: Occasionally HRWL's will be uploaded with an issue date recorded that is a date in the future. This can be accepted by recording the expiry date only in RIW with the knowledge that the 'forward date' on the HRWL is a result of continuation from a previous licence end date when renewal is complete
  • HRWL renewal receipts= expiry date to be recorded 4 weeks from Issue/receipt date
Accepted evidence
Not accepted evidence
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