Course.Metro OSO Course (33645)

Competency requirements

  • Applicants name must be shown on the document
  • Applicants name on document to match applicants name in RIW (However shortened first names such as 'Chris' for 'Christopher' are accepted)
  • The Overhead Safety Observer (OSO) Course is Metro's Proprietary course.
  • You should be uploading a Certificate of Completion, a Metro Card or Metro Track Protection Card, which is only issued by Metro Trains Melbourne.
  • Certificate of Completion showing: RRL Site Specific Overhead Safety Observer
  • Metro Card showing: Electrical Safety Observer Certificate of Competency
  • Metro Track Protection Card showing: Overhead Safety Observer
  • 3 year duration
  • NOTE: Metro Track Protection Card to be uploaded as evidence showing front and back of card

Upload requirements

  • Issue date = date of completion
  • Expiry date = 3 years from date of completion
Accepted evidence
Not accepted examples
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