Qualified.MTM - Workplace Spotting for Service Assets (76767)

Competencies governed by this business rule:

  • Qualified.21705VIC - Workplace Spotting for Service Assets (33644)
  • Qualified.22597VIC - Course in Workplace Spotting for Service Assets (76768)

Competency requirements

  • Applicants name must be shown on the document
  • Applicants name on document to match applicants name in RIW (However, shortened first names such as 'Chris' for 'Christopher' are accepted)
  • Any Registered Training Organisation (RTO) with this unit of competency on scope can issue the qualification.
  • The unit of competency must:
    • Identify the RTO by its national provider number
    • Show the Nationally Recognised Training (NRT) logo
  • Please upload a certificate showing the course completion for 21705VIC, 22195, 22325VIC, VU20834 OR 22597VIC.
    NOTE: Statements of attainment that indicate 'These competencies were attained in completion of 22597VIC Course in Workplace Spotting for Service Assets' will also be accepted as long as the specified unit is listed above. 
  • The unit of competence should show: Observe the safe operation of plant and equipment around overhead and underground assets.
  • 3 year duration

Upload requirements

  • Issue date = date of completion
  • Expiry date = 3 years from date of completion
Accepted evidence
Not accepted evidence
  • No example provided.

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