Certificate of Currency.MTM - Track Force Protection Coord - Level 3 - VIC (35477)

Competency requirements

  • Please upload a certificate issued by one of MTM’s authorised Registered Training Organisation (RTO) providers:
    • Metro Academy– approved to deliver All Safeworking levels

      Track Force Protection Coordinator 3.3 Renewal

      Track Force Protection Coordinator 3.3 (MTM Upgrade)

  • Note: From the 04/06/2020 certificates issued by Instruction Company are no longer accepted for this competency.

    • Note 1: If uploading a Statement of Attainment (SOA) from Metro Academy, it must be accompanied by a Certificate of Completion (COC) containing Track Force Protection Coordinator 3.3 (Available for viewing by clicking on green example document icon)
    • From the 03/10/2019 only the new blue template will be accepted for statement of attainment's issued by Metro Academy.
    • Note 2: For the Metro Academy Renewal Certificate of Completion (COC) to be accepted the certificate MUST state that it is renewal training completed on a Metro academy template, for example the certificate should state  “Track Force Protection Coordinator 3.3 – Renewal”. (Available for viewing by clicking on green example document icon). 
    • This recertification certificate must be issued via Metro Academy (note for employer admins – they must have previously held the TFPC 3.3 & prerequisite units (expired or valid)).
    • Note 3: The expiry will be 2 years from the date of completion of the highest level achieved.

  •  Acceptable certificates against this competence are:  

    • SOA – (Containing units from approved provider Metro Academy with accompanying Certificate of Completion as per Note 1)
      1.  TLIL4069 Plan and coordinate track protection for multiple work groups 
  • OR;

    • COC – (Track Force Protection Coordinator 3.3 renewal issued via Metro Academy only  as per Note 2 above)

  • Additional Notes:

    Note: As of 1 Sep 2016, training provider CERT will be removed from the approved providers list. Training completed at CERT before the 1 Sep 2016 will still be accepted. Training certificates issued by CERT after 1 Sep 2016 will require MTM approval, these will only be accepted if the contractor enrolled & commenced  training prior to 1 Sep 2016**

    **RIW Internal personnel can reference the CERT enrolment data here


    Information about authorised training organisations can be found on the Metro Document Portal

    Note: The following document (example below) can be accepted from the corresponding date: TFPC 3.3 (MTM Upgrade) 20/11/2020

Upload requirements

  • An issue date and 2 year expiry date is to be entered for this qualification.
  • Where a completion date is shown on the certificate, this is the date to be entered, not issue date
Accepted evidence

Accepted until 11/03/2022Accepted until 11/03/2022
Accepted until 11/03/2022
Not accepted evidence
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