Qualified.ARTC Certificate of Currency - NSW Handsignaller Level 2 (26921)

Competency requirements

  • Applicants name must be shown on document and must match the applicants name as it is registered in the system (However shortened first names such as 'Chris' for 'Christopher' are accepted)
  • Must be a statement of attainment showing all mandatory units within this course OR a Certificate of Currency/Achievement showing completion of this course
  • The document must issued by an ARTC Approved Safeworking RTO 
  • If a statement of attainment is uploaded instead of a certificate of achievement, it must show all mandatory units of competency that are required as shown within the ARTC NSW "Handsignaller Level 2" course requirements list on the ARTC Safeworking Matrix. 
  • Black and white or Colour copy of the document is acceptable. 
  • Document must be clear / legible. 
  • Documents with the issue date of or after the 17th August 2020 that are accepted are as follows:
    • Certificate of Currency/Achievement Handsignaller 1 or 2
    • The documents must match the business rules of:
      • Safety.Qualified.Handsignaller Level 1 or 2 - NSW
  • The gap certificate, issued by The Instruction Company not acceptable for ARTC safeworking roles.
  • Certificate of completions showing "off the job theory" issued by an RTO are not acceptable for ARTC safeworking roles.

Upload requirements

  • Date of assessment / date of completion shown on certificate must be entered as the issue date within RIW
  • If the document shows a ‘recert date’ enter this as the expiry date within RIW. If there is no recert date shown on the document, please enter the expiration as a date 2 years form the issue date
Accepted evidence
Not accepted evidence
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