Work Log.QR - 0-3 month utilisation - 1st time qualified only - RCPO (42680)

Competency requirements

  • This is the initial utilisation stage of the monitoring process for newly qualified protection officers, as such the certificate of achievement for the relevant level of Protection Officer is to be used. It is to be uploaded on initial setting up of the role so as to set the 3 month expiry period.
  • For the first time upload against this competency, a Certificate of Achievement for QR Rail Corridor Protection Officer (First time achievement only - Recertification certificate not acceptable) can be accepted (Providing it is in date / valid).
  • The stages include - Initial utilisation (set with 3 month expiry) used to initiate the first 3 month stage - 3 month stage (set with 3 month expiry) - 6 month stage (set with 6 month expiry) - 12 month stage (set with 12 month expiry) this stage is set for the ongoing monitoring post the first 12 month stage. First upload of evidence (3month Utilisation)
  • NOTE: The QR - Rail Corridor Protection Officer Certificate of Achievement is to be used as the initial utilisation document
  • NOTE: if the completion of any monitoring event falls outside of the expiry date of the previous event, the evidence is to be rejected and person advised to seek advice from

Upload requirements

  • Issue Date = Date of Completion on Certificate of Achievement
  • Expiry Date = Set to 3 months from the Date of Completion on Certificate of Achievement
Accepted evidence
Not accepted evidence
  • No example provided.

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