AWE - SMIC - Demolition Nominated Supervisor (AWESMICDEMOSUPER)

Competency requirements

  • Name on the Statement of attainment or certificate/s must match the cardholders name.
  • The Statement of attainment / certificate must display the nationally accredited logo.
  • The Statement of attainment / certificate must display the RTO number.
  • Evidence presented must show: (All unit code revisions accepted)
    CPCCOHS2001 Apply OHS Requirements, policies and procedures in the construction industry

    CPCCBC4002 Manage occupational health and safety in the building and construction workplace

    CPCCDE3016 Identify hazards on demolition sites and apply risk management strategies

    CPCCDE3018 Select and use small plant and equipment for demolition tasks

    CPCCDE3020 Select and use tools and equipment for hot work in the demolition industry

    CPCCDE3019 Demolish small buildings and structures using hand tools and small plant and equipment

    CPCCDE3022 Manage demolition recyclables and waste materials using loading shifting equipment

    CPCCBC4012 Read and interpret plans and specifications

    CPCCDE4001 Plan and prepare for activities on demolition sites

    CPCCDE4002 Plan and supervise demolition works to minimise environmental and public health and safety impact

    CPCCDE4003 Supervise individual activities on demolition sites

    CPCCDE4004 Finalise demolition activities and supervise property handover

Upload requirements

  • Award date is date of completion
  • No expiry date required
Accepted evidence
  • No example provided.
Not accepted evidence
  • No example provided.
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