Medical.Assessment.Drug & Alcohol

Competency requirements

Person Verification
  • Name on fit for duty/results must match Cardholder name in RIW (Shortened version of name is accepted EG. Chris for Christopher)
  • Date of Birth (DOB) for applicant must be shown on the fit for duty/results (any page)

Verification of Results

  • Cardholder's name must be on the fit for duty/results page
  • AHP name and signature must be present on the fit for duty/results page
  • Drug & alcohol results page present (or negative D&A result indicated on fit for duty page)
  • A negative D&A result must be recorded

Verification Details

  • Assessment date (or appointment date) must be recorded on the fitness for duty page.
  • Drug & alcohol results have been completed (or co-signed) by an ARA - AHP (Authorised Health Professional) doctor
  • AHP's details should be shown (First and Last name OR First name initial with Last name and signature should be present)
  • Black and white or colour is accepted
  • Drug and alcohol testing results must indicate a negative test result (unless declared positive but consistent with prescribed medication)

Standalone Drug & Alcohol Assessment

  • A drug and alcohol assessment is defined as a standalone result (with a 5-year expiry applied) when the test is performed independently and NOT as part of a Rail Health (Medical) Assessment.
  • If the testing is included as part of the assessment, the expiry of the testing MUST fall in line with the Rail Health (Medical) Assessment.

Upload requirements

  • The issue date should be recorded as the date the assessment or appointment took place. If the drug & alcohol results are included on the fit for duty page, the medical assessment and expiry dates will apply to the D&A results. 
  • If a document is received where more than one assessment date/date of completion is shown - please use the assessment date from the fitness for duty page. The expiry date will follow accordingly as above.
  • If a drug result is indicated on the fit for duty/results page but not an alcohol result (or vice-versa), you would set the not-present result as "No Test Required"
  • If a drug & alcohol result is received as a standalone result: 
    • The name and signature of the examining AHP must be present on the results page
    • The expiry date is calculated as five (5) years from the date of assessment.  
Accepted evidence
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Not accepted evidence
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