Medical.Assessment.Fitness for Duty classes

Fit for Duty Unconditional

  • The worker is fit for work on site without restrictions.

Fit for Duty Conditional

  • The worker is fit for work so long as they abide by the following conditions/restrictions (indicated on the fit for duty page)
  • Conditions/restrictions include:
    • Must be accompanied (on site/around the track, etc.)
    • Must wear hearing aids
    • Must wear prescription lenses (glasses, or contact lenses)
    • No heavy lifting
    • No working at height
  • Other conditions may be indicated by the AHP. These should not be uploaded to the medical results unless explicitly directed 

Fit for Duty Subject to Job Modification

  • The worker is fit for work so long as suitable modifications are made to their role and/or work site.
  • If indicated on the fit for duty page, RIW staff will accept this as normal with no verification toward ensuring the job modification actually does take place
  • RIW does not accept liability if these job modifications are not enacted, or if any incident arises because of their not being enacted

Fit for Duty Subject to Review

  • The worker is fit for work until the indicated review date.
  • When an AHP indicates an earlier review date than the natural expiry date, the status of the medical should be set as 'Fit for Duty Subject to Review.' If this status is not indicated, it should be amended by the AHP. 
  • A 'Subject to Review' medical cannot be extended past the natural expiry date set by the system for the original medical. If such a date is required, a new medical assessment is required from the AHP.
  • A review date needs to be a specific date - either a specified date, or a specific time frame (review in one year; annual review; review in three months; etc.). A review date cannot be "within six months" or similar.

Temporarily Unfit for Duty

  • The worker is unfit for work until the indicated review date.
  • A review date may be indicted by the AHP, or will otherwise be set as the natural expiry date of the medical as indicated by the system.
  • This can only be remedied for a worker to attend site if a medical assessment conducted AFTER the start date of the 'temporarily unfit' medical is uploaded with a new expiry date, and a new status that is not 'temporarily unfit' or 'permanently unfit'

Permanently Unfit for Duty

  • The worker is not fit for work on site.
  • Any concerns about this status should be addressed to the relevant Network Operator.

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