Medical.Assessment.Category 1 (Full Colour) - Periodic, Pre-employment

Competency requirements

  • Person Verification
    • Name on medical must match cardholder name in RIW (shortened version of name is accepted eg. Chris for Christopher)
    • Date of Birth (DOB) for applicant must be shown on the medical (any page).
  • Verification of Results

    • Cardholders name must be on fitness for duty page.
    • AHP name and signature must be present on fitness for duty page.
    • Fit for duty page present.
    • Fit for duty section must be ticked, or review date must be listed.
    • The type of medical must be written on the form (i.e. periodic, pre-placement, change of category, or triggered.) If no medical type is indicated, the type should be set as 'Periodic'.
    • NoteA medical stating limitations or clarifications due to colour blindness (in any form) is not to be uploaded or accepted against this competency.
  • Verification Details

    • Assessment date (or appointment date) must be recorded on the fitness for duty page.
    • Determination date is not to be accepted in place of the date of assessment
      • NOTE: If this is a triggered medical the date of the last periodic medical must be written as the assessment date. This is to ensure the correct expiry is calculated. Please see the business rule for Triggered/Change of category medicals for more details.
    • Medical has been completed by (or co-signed by) an ARA - AHP (Authorised Health Professional).
    • AHP's details should be shown (first and last name OR first name initial with last name and signature should be present).
    • Category 1 (or Blue Category) to be displayed on the fit for duty page.
    • Black and white or colour is accepted.
    • Drug and alcohol testing results are not required to be displayed within the uploaded file. However, if the results are included, they must indicate a negative test result (unless declared positive but consistent with prescribed medication).

Upload requirements

The issue date in RIW should be recorded as the date the assessment or appointment took place.

  • NOTE: The date for the signature requirement of the examining AHP should not be used in lieu of the assessment date if this information is missing from the form.
  • NOTE: If you receive a medical document where more than one assessment date / date of completion is shown: Please use the assessment date from the fitness for duty page
  • When the doctor has explicitly indicated an earlier review date than the natural expiry date, the status of the medical should be set as 'Fit for Duty Subject to Review.' A 'Subject to Review' medical cannot be extended past the natural expiry date set by the system for the original medical. Please see the Fitness for duty classes BR for more details

Calculating the Expiry Date

  • Step 1
    • Enter the current year
    • Subtract the year of birth shown on the medical
    • This will identify the individuals age (then refer to table below to calculate expiry)
  • Step 2
    • Up to 50 years old - 5 yearly
    • If aged 45 and 46 - 5 yearly
    • Ages 47, 48 and 49 (the expiry would be set as their 52nd birthday)
    • Age 50-60 - every 2 years
    • From age 60 - renewed annually

Accepted evidence

Not accepted evidence
No example provided.

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