Safety.Work Log.QR - 0-3 month utilisation - 1st time qualified only - MRT (62243)

Competency requirements

  • The Certificate of Achievement.QR - Manage Rail Traffic qualification specifically covers Queensland Rails requirements.
  • Only a Queensland Rail Authorised training organisation can deliver this competency. 
  • QR authorised training providers are: Queensland Rail and Accell
  • Queensland Rail will only issue a Certificate of Achievement for accreditation where you have completed the course previously with QR – showing QR3.17 Manage Rail Traffic
  • The content is Queensland Rail specific and cannot be delivered by any other RTO, other than the RTOs authorised in Business Rules whose trainers have completed the Trainer Accreditation Process (TAP) with Queensland Rail and holding the applicable valid job role in RIW system.
  • This competency serves as an expiry reminder to have the first 3-6 month MRT monitoring event completed prior to the expiry of the utilisation competency. If the following 3-6 month monitoring event is not completed before expiry of the utilisation competency then the role will expire.

  • Certificate of Achievement.QR - Manage Rail Traffic

    3.18_CoA_Accell - Accepted from 01/07/2021

    3.18_CoA_Recert_Accell - Accepted from 28/06/2024

    3.18_CoA_QR - Accepted from 01/07/2021

    3.18_CoA_Recert_QR - Accepted from 28/06/2024

Upload requirements

  • Issue Date = Date of Completion on Certificate of Achievement
  • Expiry Date = Set to 3 months from the Date of Completion on Certificate of Achievement to provide for a 3 month validity period.
Accepted evidence

Not accepted evidence
  • No example provided.
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