QR Approved.Carry out basic workplace calculations (58523)

From 1 January 2023, this competency must be awarded to the Rail Industry Worker profile using one of the following methods :

  • Directly awarded by the RTO who delivered the training, or
  • Added by a company if the certificate has back-to-source verification, such as a QR code. Please check the accepted evidence below for an example.

If the competency does not meet these requirements, you can refer to how Network-based competencies are managed in the RIW System for more information.

Competency requirements

  • The Queensland Rail Approved Certificate is for QNRP transitioned POs only.
  • Only Queensland Rail can award this competency. 
  • This competency provides temporary compliance for the POs who did 2021 QNRP refresher/transition training before the new (amended) PO job role was added in Oct 2021 with the 3 new levels 1/2 units of competency.
  • This group of POs will need to acquire the applicable national units as the QR approved competency will expire.
  • Queensland Rail will only issue the  Queensland Rail Approved Certificate to current QNRP transitioned POs.
  • There are no qualification outcomes  associated with this competency. 
  • The competency serves as a placeholder object to allow temporary RIW sytem compliance to the amended PO job role to allow time for the transitioned POs under the former job role to acquire the 3 new units of competency as identified through RBTNA. 
  • New POs are required to gain the equivalent national units of competency as defined within the PO job role. Transitioned POs are also required to gain the equivalent national units of competency as defined within the PO job role within a nominal duration (for the 3 additional units).

Upload requirements

  • Issue Date = Date of Completion on Queensland Rail Approved Certificate.
  • Expiry Date = Set to expire by 27/06/24
Accepted evidence

Not accepted evidence
  • No example provided.
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