QR - Protection Officer Trainer (99912)

From 1 January 2023, this competency must be awarded to the Rail Industry Worker profile using one of the following methods :

  • Directly awarded by the RTO who delivered the training, or
  • Added by a company if the certificate has back-to-source verification, such as a QR code. Please check the accepted evidence below for an example.

If the competency does not meet these requirements, you can refer to how Network-based competencies are managed in the RIW System for more information.

Competency requirements

  • Employer Administrator to upload the Protection Officer CoA against the competency and submit the QR - Protection Officer job role for assessment to workflow the competency to the Queensland Rail assessor. 
  • The Queensland Rail assessor will when satisfied the Trainer Accreditation Process (TAP) has been suitably completed, will upload the completed RTO TAP form as confirmation the trainer is approved to deliver the corresponding qualification.
  • Whilst no expiry is set against the trainer job role, there are ongoing currency maintenance requirements.
  • The approved trainer must deliver this training at least 2 times per year and submit course attendance sheets as evidence to Queensland Rail.
  • Monitoring for the trainer role can be achieved via the new trainer forum process or if a practising Safeworking PO, then through normal monitoring activity.
  • Recertification must be done every 36 months through either the trainer forum process or practical on the job assessment as a practising Safeworking PO.
  • Trainer forums and asociated monitoring outcomes do not contribute in any way to acquiring monitoring as a practising Safeworking PO. Practising Safeworking POs who hold trainer job roles must be monitored as a practising Safeworking PO to operate as a Safeworking PO (separate from the Safeworking PO trainer job role).
  • Training providers must notify Queensland Rail immediately if currency requirements can't be met or maintained.
  • Safeworking PO trainers are not permitted to train unless they hold and maintain the applicable valid job role in RIW system.

Upload requirements

  • Issue Date = award date at the discretion of Queensland Rail assessor after reviewing and uploading the completed RTO TAP form.
Accepted evidence

Not accepted evidence
  • No example provided.
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