Safety.Work Log.QR - QR RCPO trainer monitoring (399999)

Competency requirements

  • This competency is only awarded by Queensland Rail RIW system RTO user.
  • Competency is awarded on successful completion of the annual Queensland Rail trainer forum.
  • First award for new RCPO trainer is Queensland Rail's Rail Corridor Protection Officer, CoA: 3.10_CoA_QR – RCPO
  • The first award of the RCPO CoA has a 12 month validity period from the date attained.
  • First award of this competency is the RCPO Certificate of Achievement
  • Next award of this competency is the Monitoring Checklist is a Queensland Rail internal document used to monitor continuous competency of people with this role.
  • Whilst no expiry is set against the trainer job role, there are on going currency maintenance requirements.
  • The approved trainer must deliver this training at least 2 times per year and submit course attendance sheets as evidence to Queensland Rail.
  • Monitoring for the trainer role can be achieved via the new trainer forum process or if a practising Safeworking PO, then through normal monitoring activity.
  • Recertification must be done every 36 months through either the trainer forum process or practical on the job assessment as a practising Safeworking PO.
  • Trainer forums and associated monitoring outcomes do not contribute in any way to acquiring monitoring as a practising Safeworking PO. Practising Safeworking POs who hold trainer job roles must be monitored as a practising
  • Safeworking PO to operate as a Safeworking PO (separate to the Safeworking PO trainer job role).
  • For the Monitoring Checklist to be accepted, it will need to meet the following:

    - Protection Officer Name

    - Card No. and Valid until date shown for the qualification Manage Rail Traffic

    - Please note that in Section 2 not all boxes need to be ticked

    - Identify monitoring outcome for RCPO and set expiry date

    - Confirm supervisor name has signed, dated and ticked yes

    - Confirm Protection Officer confirmation has been signed, dated and ticked yes.

Upload requirements

  • Whilst no expiry is set against the trainer job role, there are ongoing currency maintenance requirements.
Accepted evidence
Not accepted evidence
  • No example provided.
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