Certificate of Completion.CR Operator Training.Toyota LandCruiser Hyrail - Aries Rail Narrow Gauge (230227)

Competency Requirements

  • The Aries Rail logo must be centred at the top of the attached evidence.
  • Evidence must have a coloured certificate border.
  • Certificate of completion to state "Familiarisation Training Completion".
  • Certificate of completion to state "This is to Certify that first name surname Has successfully completed Operator Training on Toyota LandCruiser Hyrail – Aries Rail Narrow Gauge".
  • Shortened first names are accepted.
  • Director and Trainer's signature must be shown on the evidence.
  • The completion date must be shown at the bottom left of the evidence. 
  •  Company details must be at the bottom of the certificate.

Upload Requirements

  • Award date = Date of Completion.
  • No Expiry date.
Accepted Evidence

Not Accepted Evidence
  • No example provided.
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