Licence.Webuild Traffic control License - Traffic controller (TCR) (89951)

Competency Requirements

  • Name on evidence must match cardholder's name on profile.
  • Licence must be issued by SafeWork NSW. 
  • Licence must state: Traffic Controller (TCR)
  • Both the front and back of the licence must be uploaded.
Also accepted are:
  • An interim document, issued after you have completed training or are waiting for a replacement card.
  • Interim documents will have a 6-week expiry, where the actual licence will then need to be uploaded.
  • The interim document/screenshot can be accepted from the Service NSW Government website and must include the below:
  • Full Name
  • Card
  • Type
    • Traffic controller (TCR)
  • Compliance – Passed result for the below (No record of any cancellation or suspension.)
  • Cancellation/Suspension not accepted.

Upload Requirements

  • Award Date = Issue date
  • Expiry date = No expiry required
Accepted Evidence

Not Accepted Evidence
  • No example provided.
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