Licence.IRSE - National (GROUPED RULE)


  • Licence.IRSE - Signalling Test Assistant (26521)
  • Licence.IRSE - Signalling Verification Tester (26522)
  • Licence.IRSE - Signalling Function Tester (26523)
  • Licence.IRSE - Signalling Principles Tester (26524)
  • Licence.IRSE - Signalling Tester in Charge (26525)
  • Licence.IRSE - Signalling Design Assistant (26527)
  • Licence.IRSE - Signalling Design (26528)
  • Licence.IRSE - Signalling Design Verifier (26529)
  • Licence.IRSE - Signalling Principles Design (26530)

Competency Requirements

  • Licence Holder Name (1) matches RIW Cardholder’s name (However shortened versions such as 'Chris' for Christopher can be accepted) 
  • Licence Category (2) and Code (3) are the same as the table below,

    Licence Code and Category 

    Acceptable for Competency Named 

    1.1.500 Signalling Design Assistant 

    Signalling Assistant Designer 

    1.1.160 Signalling Design Verifier 

    Signalling Designer 

    1.1.510 Signalling Designer 

    Signalling Designer 

    1.1.550 Signalling Principles Designer 

    Signalling Principles Designer 

    1.3.150 Signalling Test Assistant 

    Signalling Assistant Tester 

    1.3.155X Signalling Verification Tester (operational railway) 

    Signalling Verification Tester  

    1.3.170 Signalling Functional Tester 

    Signalling Functional Tester 

    1.3.180 Signalling Principles Tester 

    Signalling Principles Tester 

    1.3.190 Signalling Tester In Charge 

    Signalling Tester In Charge 

  • The licence will need to be checked for validity on the IRSE website: Enter the surname and ‘Licence No.’ including three zeros (4) and click check licence.  
  • If the licence category is valid, the website will return the following example,
  • If the licence category is invalid the following message is provided and the licence should be rejected by the Service Desk 

Upload Requirements

  • Record the expiry date within RIW using the ‘Expiry Date’ (1) from the Licence Check screen shown above. 
  • Note:  Given a Signalling Design Verifier Licence and Signalling Designer Licence are acceptable for the National Signalling Designer competency, the earlier expiry date should be used. In the example above that is 22/10/2028 (2). 
Accepted Evidence


Not Accepted Evidence
  • No other evidence will be accepted for this competency.
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