Bachelor Degree.Non-Washington Accord Degrees (66069)

Competency Requirements

  • Engineering Degrees uploaded into the competency – ‘Non-Washington Accord Degrees’ are degrees from the following accords and countries: 
  • Provisional Washington Accord:
    • Chile 
    • Thailand 
    • Bangladesh 
    • Philippines 
    • Myanmar 
    • Saudi Arabia 
    • Nigeria 
  • Sydney Accord & Provisional Sydney Accord: 
    • Canada 
    • Chinese Taipei 
    • Hong Kong China 
    • Ireland 
    • Korea 
    • South Africa 
    • United Kingdom 
    • United States 
    • Malaysia 
    • New Zealand 
  • Applicant name to be shown on the documentation (1)
  • Applicant's name must match (However shortened versions such as 'Chris' for Christopher can be accepted)
  • University to be displayed on the document (2)
  • An actual copy of the certificate/degree is required. (Letters or transcripts of results are not accepted in lieu of the degree)
  • The completion date or issue date must be displayed (3)
  • Course title to be listed on the certificate and must include the word ‘Bachelor of Engineering’ (4)
  • Field of Study can be one of the following (5): 
    • Electronics  
    • Electrical  
    • Mechanical  
    • Computer Innovation 
    • Software 
    • Note: Field of study may be in the engineering title – Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics)  
  • Document/Certificate/Number (6) must be shown on the document

Upload Requirements

  • Completion date - If listed on the certificate (this completion date is always used when displayed) 
  • If the date of completion is not shown, the certificate issue date is to be recorded
Accepted Evidence


Not Accepted Evidence
  • Degrees from countries not listed above 
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