VOC - Webuild High Risk (GROUPED RULE)


  • VOC.Webuild - Basic Rigger - Company Requirement (230619)
  • VOC.Webuild - Intermediate Rigger - Company Requirement (230617)
  • VOC.Webuild - Advanced Rigger - Company Requirement (230615 *

Competency Requirements

  • Applicant's name to be shown on the document
  • Applicant's name on the document must match the cardholder's registered name (However shortened versions of first names such as 'Chris' for 'Christopher' is acceptable)
  • Evidence must be loaded against the corresponding competency.
  • All evidence must have corresponding coding/role for the competence, i.e a VOC for a Forklift must be loaded against the VOC.Webuild - Forklift Operator (230607)
  • If the attached evidence is RTO-issued VOC Paperwork (Card or Certificate): 
    • RTO-issued VOC Card/Certificate with competency title shown for corresponding coding/role
    • Must be a verification of competency card/certificate from an RTO, whose status is current on training.gov.au
    • The VOC card or certificate must contain an issue date and/or expiry date. If the card contains the expiry date only, the expiry date must be current.
  • If the attached evidence is Park Life Metro Issued VOC Paperwork, the paperwork must be on Parklife Metro D&C letterhead and the following areas must be populated as mandatory 
    • Applicant Name
    • Employer
    • Contact number or email
    • Date of VOC
    • Location of VOC
    • Plant Make
    • Plant Model
    • VOC verifier name
    • Employer
    • At least one option from the VOC verifier Qualification selected
    • SME Name
    • At least one option from the SME Qualification selected
    • At least one option from the “Competency can be verified on the date of this (VOC)” filled in
    • Applicant Signature
    • SME signature
    • VOC Verifier Signature
    • VOC Expiry Date
  • Evidence must be loaded against the corresponding competency.
  • Evidence must show the corresponding coding/role as specified in the competency name.

*If the attached evidence is Alimak issued paperwork it must have the Alimak Service Logo have the below fields populated at minimum:

  • Participant Name
  • Participant Company = Alimak
  • Venue
  • Machine Type
  • Assessor
  • Date/Time
  • Assessment Type = √
  • Assessment Outcome = Competent
  • Assessor name
  • Assessor Signature
  • Participant name
  • Participant Signature
  • Training Manger name
  • Training Manager Signature

Upload Requirements

  • 2-year expiry
Accepted Evidence

Not Accepted Evidence
  • No example provided.
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