Qualified.RPEQ - ARTC - Design Verifier/Approver (Structures) (231646)

Competency Requirements

  • The name of the RIW cardholder must match the evidence document. We will accept shortened names e.g. Chris for Christopher. 
  • There must be a clearly visible date of "issue or award or dated on" on all documents, which will be used to establish the validity of the evidence.
  • All certificate documentary evidence must have a corporate logo/ seal visible.
  • All certificate documentary evidence must be signed by the issuing company representative.
  • Evidence to reflect on evidence "Structural’"
  • Accepted Evidence: 

    • Original RPEQ commemorative Certificate from the Board of Engineers Queensland (BPEQ) alongside one of the following, 

      • A copy of the CoC (Certificate of Currency) reflecting Full Name, RPQ number, area of engineering, and state registered. This can be downloaded from Board of QLD portal > my account > left side of the screen (vertical menu) in the tab for Certificates or,

      • A single screenshot of the Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland REPQ Directory showing the individual’s profile.

        • The name on the Profile must match name as per RIW system (Shortened names accepted?)
        • The screenshot must show Registration Number, Date registered to, with the status as "active"
        • Disciplinary record to reflect "None"
        • Restriction on Registration to reflect nothing

Upload Requirements

  • Issue date = The award date on the evidence
Accepted Evidence

RPEQ Original Certificate

RPEQ Certificate of Currency

RPEQ Directory Screenshot

Not Accepted Evidence
  • No example provided.
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