Induction.JH - 7682 PTA RRP - Package One Induction (45766)

Competency Requirements

  • Name on documentation to match the person registered (Shortened version of name is accepted EG. Chris for Christopher)
  • Evidence for this competency is the John Holland 7682 PTA / Rail Revitalisation Program - Package One - Project Specific Induction Questionnaire
  • A copy of the completed induction is to be uploaded, which has been assessed and shows person has passed (Pass = all of the boxes ticked and the sign off by the Inductors Signature)

Upload Requirements

  • Upload project induction with name of participant and date of induction
  • Enter the date of induction as the Issue date
  • There is a 12 month expiry date
  • No other evidence is accepted
Accepted Evidence

Not Accepted Evidence
  • No example provided.
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