Certificate III.Electrical, Communications, Information Tech or similar (56416)

Competency requirements

When certificate is uploaded:

  • Australian** Recognised Training Institution name must be displayed on document
  • Applicant name on certificate to match the name in the system
  • Completion date or issue date must be displayed on the certificate
  • Course title to be listed on certificate to match the nominated coding and title within RIW
  • Document / Certificate / Number to be shown
  • No expiry

**Internationally issued trade certificates / Licences cannot be accepted regardless of country of issue / standards referenced etc. - Automatic recognition has been suspended for a number of years now. If the contractor has completed the trade course overseas, they will be required to either:

  • Attend an Australian RTO who will competency map their certificate and align it to an Australian equivalent (Note: The RTO may deem as part of this process that there may be some additional training that is required).
  • The applicant can apply to have their licence recognised and if approved by Fair Trading they will be issued an Australian Licence (though there is normally gap training as Australia has more or different requirements within the trade

Upload requirements

When certificate is uploaded:

  • Record the Issue date within RIW:
  • Completion date - if listed on certificate (this completion date is always used when displayed)
  • Issue date - If only an issue date is listed please enter this as the issue date
Accepted evidence
  • No example provided.

Not accepted evidence
  • No example provided.

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