Licence.Drivers Licence - Car (32006)

Competency requirements

  • Name on Licence to match the person registered NOTE: Last name is occasionally (depending on state of issue) listed prior to the first name on the licence. Last name is generally the one displayed in capital letters.
  • Class 'C' to be listed
  • Duration as per licence
  • Black and white or colour acceptable
  • Digital versions of the licence are acceptable.
  • Must be RTA/ RMS licence or Equivalent and show the corresponding Logo**
  • Only front of licence needs to be shown when licence is uploaded NOTE: **An International Drivers Licence, which is written in English, can be temporarily accepted for a 3 month period (calculated from the date of upload) until a state licence is provided as per Australian transitional licencing business rules. After 3 months you will require a Temporary Overseas Visitor Licence, Interstate licence, or an Australian drivers licence Australian Government Website:
  • NOTE: A receipt for renewal of a drivers licence may be accepted for 4x weeks from the date of issue providing all of the other verification requirements have been met
  • NOTE: Learner Permit or Learner Drivers Licence cannot be accepted towards this competency

Upload requirements

  • Issue Date = Not required to be entered for Licences (Issue date not displayed on Australian Drivers Licences) however if Drivers licence renewal receipt is uploaded, the date of renewal should be recorded as the issue date.
  • Expiry Date = Record this as it is listed on the licence OR if Licence renewal receipt is provided, record this is 4x weeks from Issue date. If International drivers licence is uploaded the expiry should be calculated as 3 months from the date of document upload.
Accepted evidence

Not accepted evidence
  • No example provided.

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