Licence.VIC - Electrical Licence (26449 or 43507 )

Competency requirements

  • Applicants name must be displayed on the Licence
  • Licence must show competency as electrician
  • Licence must be in date / valid
  • Licence must be issued by relevant VIC Australian State Government Authority
  • Black and white OR colour copy of this document is accepted
  • Only front side of electrical licence is required
  • Must be clear and legible 

Please note: A provisional licence is not acceptable as evidence for a full electrical licence.

Due to Covid-19, a letter from the Licencing Authority will be accepted providing a back to source verification has been performed. Back to source verification involves visiting and searching the relevant register for the licence presented. 

The evidence letter must contain a copy of the cardholders licence number and these details must match what is contained on the register. Providing all details match the full expiry can be granted on an RIW cardholders profile. 

Upload requirements

  • If there is an issue date shown on the licence, record this as the issue date in RIW
  • Record the licence expiration date as the competency expiration date in RIW
Accepted evidence

Not accepted evidence

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