Drilling Rig Licence Class 1 and 2 (46058, 46063, 46050, 46051, 46052, 46053)

Competency requirements
For Class 1
  • Operator.Class 1.4A Cable Tool
  • Operator.Class 1.4B Auger
  • Operator.Class 1.4C Rotary Air
  • Operator.Class 1.4D Rotary Mud


For Class 2

  • Operator.Class 2.4A Cable Tool
  • Operator.Class 2.4B Auger
  • Operator.Class 2.4C Rotary Air
  • Operator.Class 2.4D Rotary Mud

  • Evidence required for this competency can be a card or licence issued by a government or industry organisation.
  • The card or licence must identify a Class 1 or Class 2, showing the endorsements:
    • Cable Tool (CT)
    • Auger (A)
    • Rotary Air (RA)
    • Rotary Mud (RM)

Upload requirements

  • Please upload a card or document
  • Enter the expiry date shown on the card
  • Where a card is uploaded, both front and back of card is to be shown.
Accepted evidence
Not accepted evidence
  • No example provided.

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