Statement of Attainment

Competency requirements

    • Applicant's name to be shown on the document
    • Applicant's name on the document must match the cardholder's registered name (However shortened versions of first names such as 'Chris' for 'Christopher' is acceptable)
    • Evidence must be issued by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).
    • All transcripts and Statements of Attainment must meet Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) requirements. The codes '500' and 'HSER' should not be listed on either of these documents. Only codes identified under the Australian Qualification Framework (found at are acceptable.

      If a document indicates non-AQF approved codes, the document cannot be used for verification within the RIW system.

    • The document must meet the following points:
      • Include the term “Statement of Attainment”
      • RTO Name, Code, and Logo
        • If RTO Logo is not present, the corporate identifier / unique watermark and/or document or certificate number is also accepted.
      • Units of competency code and name listed on evidence must match the competency name
      • Date completed/Date certificate issued
      • Authorised person name or title (does not necessarily need a signature)
      • Nationally Recognised Training (NRT) Logo (For a Statement of Attainment only – Not Card)
      • There is no expiry date on a Statement of Attainment or Transcript, however, RTO registration must have been current at the time of training completion/awarding of the document
      • NOTE: Certificates issued prior to 2011, will not include the NRT logo. Certificates without the NRT logo will need to include statements to acknowledge it is recognised within the Australian Qualifications Framework and the issuing authority.
      • NOTE: Cards are accepted in lieu of a statement of attainment certificates provided they meet the following points:
        • They show the relevant statement of attainment unit of competency 
        • Date that SOA was attained
        • Information relating to applicant details 
        • and RTO details (RTO Name, Code, and Logo).
      • NOTE: Temporary / Interim statement of attainment evidence, or letters indicating they are for temporary issue until a statement of attainment certificate is provided, are acceptable for a period of 4 weeks from the date of the training. This should be indicated on the letter, providing it has been issued by an RTO and indicates the completion of a nationally recognised unit code.
      • For Certificates issued prior to 2015, we accept documents where the qualification page must have the NRT, name of the RTO and name of the learner; the second page must have the name of the learner, a matching certificate number to the qual page, and the name of the RTO, but does not have to have the NRT logo.
      • NOTE: Transcripts should be verified against the Transcript / Statement of Results / Academic History Report (accepted in lieu of Statement of Attainment) business rule

Upload requirements

Record the Issue date within RIW as follows:

  • Completion date / Training Date – if listed on the certificate (this date is always used when displayed)
  • Issue date – If only an issue date is listed, please enter this as the issue date

The expiry date is ONLY required for this competency in the instance where a temporary / Interim statement of attainment document is issued. Expiry should be calculated to occur on the date which is 4x weeks from the date of training completion.

Accepted evidence
Not accepted evidence
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