Unrestricted Track Force Protection Co-ordinator (TFPC) (91001)

From 1 January 2023, this competency must be awarded to the Rail Industry Worker profile using one of the following methods :

  • Directly awarded by the RTO who delivered the training, or
  • Added by a company if the certificate has back-to-source verification, such as a QR code. Please check the accepted evidence below for an example.

If the competency does not meet these requirements, you can refer to how Network-based competencies are managed in the RIW System for more information.

Competency requirements

  • Applicants name to be displayed on the document.
  • Applicants name on document must match the cardholders registered name (however shortened versions such as 'Chris' for 'Christopher' will be accepted).
  • Certificate must be issued by Metro Academy.
  • Certificate must show completion of one of the following:
    • Certificate of Completion: Unrestricted TFPC – Inner Suburban.
    • Certificate of Completion: Unrestricted TFPC Inner Suburban Renewal.

Upload requirements

  • Award Date = Date of Completion.
  • Expiry Date = 2 years from the Date of Completion.
Accepted evidence
Not accepted evidence
  • No example provided.

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