Certificate of Currency.ARTC - Rail Welder Aluminothermic (43679, 68455 OR 44444)

From 1 January 2023, this competency must be awarded to the Rail Industry Worker profile using one of the following methods :

  • Directly awarded by the RTO who delivered the training, or
  • Added by a company if the certificate has back-to-source verification, such as a QR code. Please check the accepted evidence below for an example.

If the competency does not meet these requirements, you can refer to how Network-based competencies are managed in the RIW System for more information.

Competency requirements

  • Applicant name must match the name in RIW, shortened names are acceptable Chris for Christopher etc.
  • Evidence for this competency can be either a certificate of achievement issued by an ARTC-authorised registered training organisation (RTO) or a Statement of Attainment issued for the first time by another RTO.
  • The following AQF national qualification must also be held in RIW to show the initial training pathway:
    • TLIW0004 Grind Rails
    • TLIW3015 Weld rail using aluminothermic welding process
    • TLIW0006 Heat and cut materials using oxy-LPG equipment for the rail industry
  • Where a certificate is issued by an ARTC RTO, it must reference the ARTC role, which will be:
    • ARTC - Rail Welder Aluminothermic
  • Note: recertification and renewal are also accepted wording.
  • The following RTOs are approved by ARTC to issue a Certificate of Achievement:
    • Accell Pty
    • Go Train Industry Pty Ltd
    • Certificate issued by Centre for Excellence in Rail Training (CERT) (RTO: 51333) is not accepted if issued on or after 11/04/2024.
    • The Instruction Company Pty Ltd
    • Southern Cross Civil & Rail Training - SCCRT
    • Training Ahead Australia
  • Note: Despite not being an RTO, certificates issued by Thermit Australia Pty Ltd can be accepted providing the document meets all other points of verification. 
  • As of 02/05/2023, John Holland certificates are no longer accepted.

For ARTC Employees Only:
  • An ARTC-issued 'Validation OR Verification of Currency' document may be accepted for this competency.
  • ARTC-issued VOC's do not need to meet the new Network Based verification requirements (e.g. QR Code or RTO Direct Upload. If an ARTC-issued VOC is loaded by an ARTC Administrator to the employees profile, this is acceptable.

Upload requirements

  • Issue date and 2-year expiry date is to be entered for this qualification.
  • Where a Rail Infrastructure Maintainers certificate has an expiry shown, and it is less than two years, the expiry on the certificate is to be used.
Accepted evidence

Not accepted examples
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