Qualified.QR Contract Management Services (63833)

Competency requirements

Grouped competency which holds a number of tertiary and non-tertiary qualifications. Accepted Qualifications:

  • Degree.Architecture
  • Associate Degree.Construction Management
  • Diploma.Building Technology
  • Associate Degree.Building Technology
  • Diploma.Building Technology
  • Diploma.Electrical Engineering
  • Advanced Diploma.Civil Engineering
  • Associate Degree.Civil Engineering
  • Diploma.Civil Engineering
  • Associate Degree.Electrical Engineering
  • Diploma.Electrical Engineering
  • Advanced Diploma.Mechanical Engineering
  • Associate Degree.Mechanical Engineering
  • Diploma.Mechanical Engineering
  • Advanced Diploma.Structural Engineering
  • Associate Degree.Structural Engineering
  • Diploma.Structural Engineering

Upload requirements 

Documents listed in the accepted list below from tertiary or relevant RTOs are all accepted:

  • Degree in Architecture
  • Associate Degree in Construction Management
  • Diploma in Building Technology
  • Associate Degree in Building Technology
  • Diploma in Building Technology
  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  • Advanced Diploma in Civil Engineering
  • Associate Degree in Civil Engineering
  • Diploma in Civil Engineering
  • Associate Degree in Electrical Engineering
  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  • Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  • Associate Degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  • Advanced Diploma in Structural Engineering
  • Associate Degree in Structural Engineering
  • Diploma in Structural Engineering


No expiry date is required 

Accepted evidence
  • No example provided.

Not accepted evidence
  • No example provided.

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