Qualified.PgMp – ARTC – Project Engineer Path 1 (9000.45)

Competency requirements

  • Name of the RIW cardholder must match the evidence document. We will accept shortened names e.g. Chris for Christopher. 
  • There must be a clearly visible date of "issue or award or dated on" on all documents, which will be used to establish validity of the evidence.
  • All certificate documentary evidence must have a corporate logo/ seal visible.
  • All certificate documentary evidence, excluding cards, must be signed by the issuing company representative.
All documentary evidence, excluding the ARTC letter of alternative registration, must be certified by a JP or Commissioner of Declarations as a true copy. 

Types of documentary evidence accepted: 

  1. The "Project Management Institute/ PMI" documentary evidence must state that it is to "certify" and must state the following field: Program Management Professional with an issue date no later than 3 years from date of verification OR 
  2. An ARTC letter, on ARTC letterhead stating "alternative registration has been reviewed and accepted"; it must also state the name of the person, their RIW number , date of issue, length of validity (1-3 years) and be signed by the ARTC General Manager Technical Standards.

Upload requirements

  • Issue date = the award date on the evidence
Accepted evidence

Not accepted evidence
  • No example provided.
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