V/Line Signal Technician Work Experience Log (920002)

Competency requirements

  • Name on document to match the registered person in RIW
  • Must be formatted in a standard resume OR Work experience logbook document style
  • Black and white or coloured copy can be accepted 
Must be signed off by one of the following Approved Assessors & SME’s
  • Assessors:
    • Adam Turley
    • Peter Riebeling
  • SME’s:
    • Mark Mckay
    • John Blower
    • Paul Govett

Upload requirements

  • Issue date is to be recorded as the date from the latest sign off  assessment was signed off by the assessor.
  • Expiration date is to be recorded as the date which is calculated to be 3 years from the issue date (Unless advised otherwise by assessor or SME).
Accepted evidence

Not accepted evidence
  • No example provided.
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