V/Line Statement of Competency (SOC) - Signal Tester (85040)

Competency requirements

  • Applicants name must be displayed on the uploaded evidence.
  • A Statement of Competency (SOC)  document is required to be uploaded. An SOC can be issued by either V/Line, MTM or ARTC. 
  • The signed SOC is uploaded , the following points of verification check need to be complete:

      - Evidence must be signed by an Authorised Assessor (listed below)

     - Evidence must display Signal Tester or Signal Test Engineer

     - Black & white OR colour copy of this document is accepted.

     - Must be clear and legible

  • List of authorised assessors:

    • Christopher Miller
    • Lisa Wetuschat
    • Glenn Miller
    • Inderjit Lail
    • Selva Nithianandan
    • Pascal Muller
    • Edward Burch
    • Wagdy Abdel Nour
    • Nick Thompson
    • Paul Russell
    • Iourie Rozman
    • John Love
    • Gary De Klerk
    • Dilip Goyal
    • Stuart Graymore
    • David Rogers
    • Sean Clark
    • Simon Lau
    • Michael Summers
    • Ameya Athavale
    • Chris Holdship
    • Eric Brown
    • Phil Baker
    • Paul Morgan
    • Brian Shellock
    • Joseph Williams
    • Vikram Chelimela

Upload requirements

  • Issue date is to be recorded as the date from the SOC was signed off by Authorised Assessor.
  • Expiration date is to be recorded as the date which is calculated to be 4 years from the issue date (Unless advised otherwise Authorised Person).
Accepted evidence

Not accepted evidence
  • No example provided.
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