MTS Permit Holder Training E-Learning and Face-to-Face (EL96)

Competency requirements

  • Evidence file required:
    • Statement of Attendance stating MTS Permit Holder (EL96) and
    • E-Learning certificate for MTS Permit Holder Training
  • Name must match name in RIW
  • Shortened names are acceptable, Chris for Christopher etc.
  • Certificate must contain logos, name of competency 
  • The pathways available are:
    • MTS Permit Holder e-Learning (EL96) and MTS Permit Holder (face-to-face) (85743), OR
    • MTS Permit Holder (restricted) (970021)
  • Award date must be entered in RIW
  • BOTH certificates are required for this competency to be valid

Upload requirements

  • Issue Date = Date of Completion
  • Expiry Date = 24 months from date of completion
Accepted evidence


Not accepted evidence
  • No example provided.
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