Certificate of Currency.ARTC - Thermit Welder SKV-Elite Standard Gap & Step Welding (64861)

Competency requirements

  • Name on document to match the registered person in RIW, shortened names are permitted e.g.: Chris for Christopher
  • Must show at a minimum SkV-Elite Standard Gap Weld - SUC on the certificate
  • The document must be less than 2 years old to ensure it is valid for this competency
  • Must also refer to TLIW0004, TLIW2012 & TLIW0006 or (or equivalent units as per training.gov.au) on the certificate
  • The following AQF national qualifications (or equivalent units as per training.gov.au) must also be held in RIW to show the initial training pathway.
    • TLIW0004 Grind Rails
    • TLIW3015 Weld rail using an aluminothermic welding process
    • TLIW0006 Heat and cut materials using oxy-LPG equipment for the rail industry
  • Certificate issued by Centre for Excellence in Rail Training (CERT) (RTO: 51333) is not accepted if issued on or after 11/04/2024

Upload requirements

  • An issue date and 2 year expiry date is to be entered for this qualification
Accepted evidence

Not accepted evidence
  • No example provided.
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