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Competency requirements

  • The Monitoring Checklist is a Queensland Rail internal document used to monitor the continuous competency of people with this role.
  • The Monitoring Checklist will indicate what stage of development you have attained.
  • The stages include - Initial utilisation (set with 3-month expiry) used to initiate the first 3-month stage - 3-month stage (set with 3-month expiry) - 6-month stage (set with 6-month expiry) - 12-month stage (set with 12-month expiry) this stage is set for the ongoing monitoring post the first 12-month stage

Important to Note: For the Initial utilisation stage (0-3 months) the Certificate of Achievement for Manage Rail Traffic (MRT) is to be used to set the first 3-month expiry date. This is due to no monitoring being able to be performed prior to attaining the CoA. After this initial period, the monitoring checklist is to be used. 

  • Worker must hold 0-3-month utilisation competency, 3-6-month monitoring, 6-12 month monitoring and -12 month monitoring competencies for this competency to be accepted. 

For the Monitoring Checklist to be accepted, it will need to meet the following:
  • Protection Officer Name
  • Card No. and Valid until the date shown for the qualification Manage Rail Traffic
  • Please note that in Section 2 not all boxes need to be ticked
  • Identify monitoring outcome for Manage Rail Traffic and set expiry date
  • Confirm supervisor's name, signature, date and ticked yes
  • Confirm Protection Officer confirmation has been signed, dated, and ticked yes.

NOTE: Monitoring checklists issued after 28/06/2021 need to show MD-14-120 v5.0 in the bottom left corner of the document

NOTE: Monitoring checklists issued after 30/05/2022 need to show MD-14-120 v6.0 in the bottom left corner of the document

NOTE: Monitoring checklists issued after 11/12/2023 need to show MD-14-120 v7.0 in the bottom left corner of the document

NOTE: if the completion of any monitoring event falls outside of the expiry date of the previous event, the evidence is to be rejected and the person advised to seek advice from

Upload requirements

  • Issue Date = Date of Completion on Certificate of Achievement
  • Expiry Date = 12 months, set to 12 months from the date of completion on CoA and then another 12 months for the second and third years. 
Accepted evidence

Not accepted evidence
  • No example provided.
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