Job Role: Qube - Civil / Greenfield

Role Description
The Qube - Civil / Greenfield job role is a mandatory requirement for all RIW cardholders who conduct work on the Qube network in “Greenfield” site locations where the work is not considered Rail Safety Work with no potential risk to the current or future safe railway operations. It is to be selected along with the relevant national and or project role aligned to the work the person is undertaking. For example, Qube- Civil / Greenfield role is selected with the Excavator Operator - National role, if this is the work being undertaken by the person. An example of greenfield work may include site clearing or traffic management (roadside away from the rail direction). 

Once the process of laying the formation, slabs, ballast, rail and/or sleepers commence, this is identified as Rail Safety work.

This role is included in the National Operator Roles Matrix.

Medical Requirement
No medical requirement.

Currency Requirement
No currency requirement.

Competency Requirements

Must have at least one of the following:

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