Completion Certificate.V/Line - Previous Attainment - Signal Maintenance Technician Course (91993)

Competency Requirements

  • Name must match the registered name in RIW, shortened names are acceptable (Chris for Christopher for example)
  • Must be issued by either the Public Transportation Corporation or The Met.
    • The Met was a Victorian Government owned corporate body that operated suburban passenger trains, trams, and buses in Victoria. It was established in 1983.
    • The Met was then superseded by the Public Transport Corporation. The PTC was established in 1989 to manage the State Transport Authority and the Metropolitan Transit Authority.

  • Evidence must display training relevant to Signal Maintenance.
  • Award Date must be entered in RIW. 

Upload Requirements

  • Issue Date = Date of Completion
  • Expiry Date = No expiry date
Accepted Evidence

Not Accepted Evidence
  • No example provided.
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